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Local Organics is Open for In-Store Shopping!

Our store is open for in-store shopping and curb side pick up!


For Curb Side Pick Up:


Please use our "Online Webcart" located at the top of the website to place your order for curb side pick up.  If there is something that you are looking for and cannot find, please add a note in the comments section and we will contact you once we receive your order.


E-Transfer payments can be sent to: orders@LocalOrganicsC4th.ca


Store Hours (July 20th, 2020)



Monday - Friday:      9:00am - 5:30pm

Saturday:                9:00am - 1:00pm

Begin Your Shopping Experience Here!


Step 1: Create an account!

  • the first time you go to our WEBCART you will need to set up a password.
  • Input your email address (please use the same email address as you have provided us in the past) and then click on "forgot password"
  • Check your email for an automatic response that will give you a verification number
  • Insert the verification number into the box provided; set up password;
  • You will be asked to fill out a form with your name and address etc (a one-time step to get you set up!)
  • Click 'Login/Register"
  • In the top right of your screen you should now see "Hello (your name)!"


Step 2: Shop!

  • Move your cursor over the departments to explore different categories
  • When looking for a specific product use the search bar at the top (you don't have to have the specific name to search, for example if you're looking for a hair product but are unsure of the name, type in "hair care" to discover the products in that category.
  • To view more items per page, select the small dropdown menu from the top right of the product lists and change the number per page
  • For more information about any product you can click on the product photo to learn more (please keep in mind we are still in the process of setting this up, you can check out our Health First Products which will give you more information)
  • Any pre-packaged item that is sold by weight will have an average weight listed beside the price. When you select this item, you will be charged the average weight but this will be adjusted to be accurate when your order is picked
  • When you have completed your shopping, click on the shopping cart in the top right of the screen and you will be able to see everything you have added to your cart!
  • Beside each item is an "Add Item Instructions", you can click on this to add any specific instructions for us. Remember to click "save" once you have typed in any instructions
  • You may add any additional comments into the box called "Order Instructions"
  • Once you have reviewed your cart click on "Order Now"
  • Fill in all the required information. Please note if you use your cell phone number you will receive a text when your order is ready
  • Click "Continue"
  • Select "Curb Side Pickup" 
  • Select a Date and Time from the drop-down menus (these are based on the 24-hour time frame that we are currently picking orders, you may receive a call the same day you order!)
  • Click Continue
  • Select "Pay at Pickup", "E-Transfer" or choose the credit card option – which is Paypal (you can use this option as a guest)
  • Review your order to make sure you have everything, then click "Confirm Order"
  • You will receive a "Thank You for Shopping with Us!" page with an order confirmation number and you will also receive an email confirmation.


Thanks for using our WEBCART!

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