Frequently Asked Questions About Health First Hosted Websites

Q: Is my website powered by WordPress?

A: No, we have built a custom website management system that has some similar capabilities to WordPress but is completely customized to a simplified user interface so edits can be made easily at the store-level – no previous website management experience needed!

Q: Don't template websites equal poor SEO?

A: Not necessarily. The sites are constructed from a template, but use standard web practices for the coding behind the scenes. No two HFN sites will be exactly the same, and only small portions will be shared content, like the HFN blog and product listings.

Q: Will duplicate blog content affect my Google or my SEO rankings?

A: No, we will be setting it up so that the any duplicated data, like the blog has meta data pointing to HFN as the originator, and this will not affect the SEO

Q: Can I update my website meta data?

A: To an extent. Some meta data will be available to customize, but not all. If you are interested to discuss this further please let us know and we will work with you to make the necessary updates where we are able.

Q: Will my URL appear in Google?

A: Yes, we will be working with each member to correctly point their DNS for their domain name to their HFN subdomain for their hosted site.

Q: Can I embed my existing blog to my website?

A: Yes! You can create a blog page that will link directly to your external blog. Your blog will continue to be managed and populated with content by you at the store level.

Q: Can I connect my online shop to my website?

A: Yes! You can create a shop page that will link directly to your external shop. Maintaining and managing your shop is at the responsibility of you, the store, as is fulfilling your shop orders.

Q: Will my site be able to manage appointment bookings?

A: You are able to link an external appointment booking management system to your Health First hosted website. You will continue to manage the bookings through your own system.

Q: What can I change or customize on my new website?

A: There are several customizable options for your new site, and Health First will work with you to achieve a look that you are happy with. For example, if you do not have access to high-quality images, we can help with things like your homepage. You can also add pages and content that is relevant to your store at the local level, such as links to your favourite resources, your own in-store flyers, or staff bios.

Q: Can I have a link to my own e-newsletter on my website?

A: We encourage you to participate in the Health First e-newsletter, after all it does come as part of our digital program with your website. As part of our program there is an e-newsletter signup function linked directly to your subscriber list, requiring no manual updates by you. If you are running your own e-newsletter we will work with you to link your customers to your list, which will continue to be maintained by you.

Q: Will I be able to easily share my website content on social media?

A: Yes! There are a few different ways to do this, but the easiest way is to use the social sharing tools at the bottom of your Health First blog articles. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the article URL directly into your social media publishing tool.