Produce FAQs

Produce Box Program FAQs



How does your program work?


Step.1 - Customers can visit our online store from Friday evening to Monday evening to view what will be in the produce shares for the up coming week.  We also post a reminder link on our facebook page. 


Step.2 - Customers purchase their produce shares via our online store, with the option of store pick up and in the near future home delivery.  


Step.3 - Tuesday morning we tally up all of the orders and purchase a bulk order of produce to help reduce costs for customers.


Step.4 - Wednesday morning produce is received and we sort it out into the individual orders for customer pick up between 12pm and 6pm on Wednesday afternoon. 


How do I place an order?


Visit our online store from Friday evening to Monday evening to place your order for Wednesday pick up.


What are the fee's associated with the program?

The Share Costs are as follows:

Full Share $55

Half Share $30

Veggie Only Share $35

Fruit Only $30

*Please note that you will need to bring your own reusable bags to pack your produce in.

Payment for your order can be made online when you purchase your share.



What is a "Share"?


A "share" simply means a share or a portion of the bulk produce purchased.  

Eg. A full and half share consists of both fruit and vegetables.


How do I know what size of share to order?

We offer various sizes of shares to suit different lifestyles and family sizes from single to large families.  

Below is a guideline to help with choosing which produce box will work best for you!

Full Share: 2-4 people

Half Share: 1-2 people

Fruit Only Share: 2-3 people

Veggie Only Share: 3-4 people


What if I don't like everything in the produce share?

We know that everyone's lifestyle is different and so are their tastes, so we have developed a program that allows for 2 "swaps" from each produce tote to take place at time of pick up from our swap table.

Each week we have a points board set up at the time of pick up so that customers can see how many points their produce items are worth.  Each produce item is given a certain amount of points relating to it's current dollar value. Customers are then able to "swap" out 2 items from their share if they do not want to keep them.


For example: Lucy knows that her family loves avocado, and would like to have more than the two in her share.  She also knows that she is not going to use onions this week, so she swaps 4 onions (1 point value each) for 2 avocado's (2 points each).



Is the produce the same each week?

The produce changes weekly for all of the mentioned shares, depending on what is available from our suppliers/farmers and what is in season.

Please note that the items noted in the shares may change due to supply and quality, however we do our best to keep things the same as what is stated Saturday morning.

Regardless, our shares always hold the same monetary value despite minor changes that may take place in the produce items.



Is your produce local?

Whenever possible, we source our produce from local farmers. Unfortunately, living in Canada makes sourcing fresh produce in the winter months a little difficult.  This is why we have teamed up with a local, family run business who also owns property in the USA (Georgia), to enable great produce year round.  Some of the produce still does come from other southern countries, such as our bananas and avocado's, however whenever possible we support local farmers and businesses.