Ear Candling

Ear candling is an age old remedy that is being revived in the ears of those who have become hard of hearing. This natural technique began centuries ago like any other age old remedies that have been pushed aside from more modern conventional remedies. Ancient Egypt, Greece, China and other societies have used this method but in North America it is considered obsolete. Anything that stands the testing time is certainly not new age.

Ear candling consists of using a spiraled hollow cone, which is made up of a waxed linen cloth. The burning flame creates a gentle vacuum which encourages blood circulation and ear canal cleaning. Both ears are done during a session. 

The benefits of ear candling are not limited to the removal of excess dirt and wax but also for improvement of hearing, vision, taste, smell and the sharpening of mental functions.  This can happen because your cranial bones may become misaligned. Colds, noise levels, environmental toxicity, hats we wear, head phones, telephones, cell phones, scarves, even our glasses can change the osmotic pressure on the nerve that relates to our sense of taste, smell, hearing and sight. It has been proven through the test of times that when the osmotic pressure is gently reversed through ear candling it is enough to correct this misalignment. It has proven itself by making people feel and hear so much better after an ear candling session.

Other stressors such as prolonged loud noises can damage the nerve where it loses its elasticity, becomes dry and damaged, which can cause brakes and small tears in the eardrum. These tears can also be caused by sudden extreme change in pressure or from infection. Other causes can be swimmers ear, medical drugs taken which caused damage to the Temporal bone, tumors on the acoustic nerve or perforated ear drum which can cause infection and tumors in the inner ear. Acoustic nerve tumors are very common with symptoms of sudden attacks of vertigo, buzzing or ringing, impaired hearing or headache. These symptoms can also be caused by the pressure found by the lymphatic fluids. Now if the nerve is damaged ear candling is not going to restore function to the nerves. But ear candling can help with the drainage and relieve the pressure that can contribute to the vertigo, buzzing or ringing in the ears or headache.

Since ear candling can assist to drain the sinus canals and lymph system in the area this can alleviate the stress of a sore throat, earache, allergies and tinnitus. Results can be different from individual to individual especially with all these probable causes we cannot guarantee any relief. But after 20 years of providing this service, most of the clients we have worked with, have agreed that this ancient ear candling process invokes a deep relaxation and benefit to the ear, nose and throat area of the body. For which both children and adults can benefit from.

Everyone asks how many should I have. It could potentially take up to three sessions depending on the individuals hearing issues and wax /debris build up within the ears. This is decided between you and the practitioner. Then maybe seasonally a person might need it done or if you have a cold or are traveling. It is all depending on your life style and stress.




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