An Evening of Mediumship with Karen Willis

Karen Willis

An Evening of Mediumship is a public demonstration of mediumship which provides an opportunity for the Spirit world to be reunited with their loved ones. It will demonstrate the tremendous love Spirit bring, not to mention the incredible healing that takes place as we learn our loved ones are well and present. Although during large demonstrations not everyone will receive a message, the intelligence of Spirit will ensure that many leave uplifted and inspired.

While demonstrating, Karen will provide detailed facts to ensure that she is working with the right individual/recipient. She works with each contact for approximately 10 minutes, giving you personal information from your loved ones. That being said, sensitive information will not be disclosed during a public demonstration to protect people's privacy. Karen will do all the work; you will only have to sit back, enjoy, confirming the information you receive.

Karen is a dedicated Spiritualist who has been actively serving spirit for 30 years.  She has demonstrated her gifts of mediumship at many venues across the UK, USA, Canada and Europe and has facilitated numerous workshops and development circles.  She has appeared on Psychic Academy with Tony Stockwell and has also been involved in a media project which gives insight into mediumship.  Karen's work with spirit is her passion and vocation.

DATES: Sunday, April 28th, 2019
TIME: 7pm - 9pm
LOCATION: Local Organics - Seaforth, 220 Main Street South
COST: $30 
REGISTRATION: All participants must call the store at 519.600.5683 OR email: to reserve their seat. Payment can be made in store prior to the event or via Etransfer ( Your seat is not confirmed until payment has been received.

CANCELLATION POLICY (High Demand Event): Should you need to cancel, notice must be given 2 weeks prior to the event date in order to receive a full refund which must be picked up at the store. Any cancellations after that time will not be refunded.