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Local Organics is Open for In-Store Shopping!

Our store is open for in-store shopping and curb side pick up!


For Curb Side Pick Up:


Please use the "Curbside PickUp" Tab located at the top of the website.


We will contact you in the order that we receive orders. 


We will email or call you when your order is ready for pick-up!  


E-Transfer payments can be sent to: orders@LocalOrganicsC4th.ca


New Hours (May 29, 2020)



Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday:    9:00am - 1:00pm

Wednesday:                                           CLOSED

Thursday:                                              12:00pm - 5:00pm






All orders must be submitted via email: orders@LocalOrganicsC4th.ca by 5pm Wednesday.


Fresh Bread orders will be available for pick up for Friday mornings.





*Italian bread round...700g...$7.15   

*Big Family Wheel...1400g...$14.90

*Dutch Cube loaf...700g...$7.30

*French Baguette...long...450g...$4.47

*Canadian Toast...450g...$4.77

*Greek Olive bread...long...450g...$5.07

*British Giant...loaf...900g...$14.90


Rye/Wheat (60% organic light rye + 40%  light wheat)

German Rye                              



*Big Party Wheel...1800g...$15.65

*Sunflower/multigrain (rotate bi-weekly)...900g...$ 9.69 **CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE**



The WHEAT FREE breads found below rotate their availability weekly.


Please check Red Cat Farms Online Calendar to see which bread is available. 


Wheat Free:  Rye/Spelt         

100% organic flour    


*Danish Vital...950g...$9.69

*Belgian Spelt...700g...$9.69


*Russian Rye...950g...$9.69



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